5 reasons to choose to daring the glass


Most brand new vehicles have standard tinted rear windows. And you want to take advantage of this solution? Learn The reasons why you might want to do this.

Car window Diming is an increasingly popular treatment for owners of passenger vehicles. It Is a completely legal solution – lawful. Joke. 66, para. Article 1 (5) of the road Traffic law permits the dimming of the glazing provided that they provide a sufficient field of vision for the driver and allow for easy and reliable operation of the steering, braking, signaling devices while simultaneously Observing the road. It is Worth noting that the front and side glazing can also be dimmed, as long as the light transmittance is 75% and 70% respectively.

Since you already know that the tinting of the glass is completely in line with the current regulations, it is time to know the reasons for this.

1. UV Protection

Before UV radiation does not protect the glass-UVA rays can penetrate not only through a layer of light clothes, but also through the glass window. Therefore, traveling by car on hot days does not protect against the negative effects of sunlight. Effect? You Expose your skin to harmful rays and at the same time increase the risk of fading upholstery or other objects you carry.

Less exposure to UV rays is one of the reasons why you should choose to dim the glass. High quality, certified transparencies can protect the glazing against harmful UVA radiation. The laminates we use eliminate up to 99% of UV rays.

2. Cooler Car Interior

On hot days, the interior of the vehicle is warming up very quickly – the sun’s rays penetrate through the windshield.  It is not a pleasure to Get into such a car – upholstery (especially leather) is paired in the back or legs. In The interior There is also a zaduch.

The automotive window will reduce the temperature in the interior of the vehicle. Metallized films are Particularly recommended – the highest quality products are characterized by low transmittance of sunlight. This allows you to reduce the heating of the car’s interior by up to 60% and more.

3. Enhanced Discretionary and security

Darker car windows provide greater discretion, which at the same time translates into a higher level of safety. The Interior of the vehicle is not visible – it is far more difficult to see what is inside. So you Can leave your mobile phone, suitcase or other valuables in the middle for a while – less risk of burglary inside the car.

4. Better protection of the glass in its breakup

Although the car windscreens themselves are fairly heavily protected by the above-breakage, there is always a high probability of falling into the inside of glass fragments e.g. In the event of a road collision. To minimize this risk even better, you may want to choose to dim the glass.

The Choice of high-quality car film makes hitting a stone or other sharp object leaves a broken glass in one pane.  The Glass does not get inside, which ensures the safety of passengers. At the Same time it allows you to quickly escape from inside the vehicle-just elbow to knock down the crushed glass, and the whole pane will fall.

This also reduces the risk of theft of equipment or valuable items left inside the vehicle.

5. Reduced Risk of blindness

Cars whose lighting is poorly chosen may be blinded by the driver. The Same is the case for very sunny days. In such situations, the threat of a road collision increases.

Automotive Films, primarily glued to the faceplate, minimize the risk of blindness. This Increases the comfort of driving and at the same time improves safety – not only with regard to the driver and its passengers, but other traffic participants.

Tinted Glass is not only a better visual effect of the vehicle. It’s a lot of tangible benefits – even for You and your passengers.