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Car color change (Sticking)


The main advantage of sticking a car foil is its color change without interfering with the paint. This is a kind of new "skin" on the vehicle.

Make a simulation with 3M transparencies


The biggest advantage of car sticking is the protection of the paint against scratches and minor mechanical damage.

A wide range

In our offer you will find films from manufacturers such as Avery, 3M supplemented with Hexis and Oracal products.

Why sticking?

What gives the car a glimpse?

Why not? Sticking the car with special foil is the easiest, quickest and best end effect to change the current image of the vehicle at relatively low cost compared to even the traditional painting.

Professionally made film assembly not only changes the color of the vehicle so that the change from the outside is virtually imperceptible, but also protects the original paint against discoloration, fading or destruction. During application, the foil is "wrapped" on the edges, protecting the foil itself against peeling due to external factors (weather, machine wash). It is also possible to cover the door recesses, which completely eliminates any residue of the original color of the car. Our 152 cm wide foil applicators guarantee a complete gluing of the vehicle without the so- Joints.

It is important to note that despite the many years of durability of the foil applied by our specialists, the process itself is reversible and the film can be completely dismantled to restore the original color of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to change the color of the car?

It is impossible to determine one solid "fixed" rate for full or partial gluing of a vehicle because it depends on the type of film and its manufacturer and the size and complexity of the body itself. We can assume, however, that the prices of basic styling start from 3 thousand zł.

To get a specific quote for your car, we encourage you to contact us by phone 725 197 621, 508 061 620 Or send a query (preferably containing an attachment in the form of a photo of the vehicle) to the address We will be pleased to provide accurate pricing and help you choose the best materials and solutions.