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Protection of varnish - clear foil

To say the first impression is the most important ... Just as a showcase for a man is his clothes, you can assume that for a car a business card is his paint. It is the first thing that throws in the eye and at the same time the biggest visible part of the vehicle's exterior. It is no wonder that it is one of the most important tender items for the price and condition of a vehicle sold or purchased.

Absolutely every car, whether it is personal or greater, is exposed repeatedly to scratches or splashes of paint coating. Poor and unpaved Polish roads, branches, pebbles, gravel from the roadside or thrown by the wheels of other cars and abrasions at parking and daily use of the vehicle are just some of the many potential causes of frequent deep paint damage.

The protection of these sensitive surfaces provides special colorless films (predominantly polyurethane), which are the "protective buffer" between the lacquer and the external agents, distributing the potential damage from the surface being rendered. They are characterized by a high degree of protection and can be used on all car models due to the wide range of film thicknesses offered - from about 100 to more than 250 microns. Correctly and professionally installed foil is practically invisible, offers thermal resistance from -50 ° to + 110 ° C and guarantees durability up to 8-10 years. Of course, the protective foil of vehicles can be washed in any type of car wash, and the molding can be holistic or limited only to the most important and most vulnerable body parts - the mask, the mudguards, the mirrors and the wheel arches.

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