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Training on the tinting of windows and sticking vehicles with foil

As part of our wide range of services, we also provide professional individual and group training in the areas of window tinting and vehicle gluing.
The teaching methods we use are specially designed to allow the participant to self- The cost of the course covers both lectures and practical work and materials consumed by the trainee for training purposes.

Training - tinting windows

These trainings consist of a theoretical and practical part, in which the learners themselves, on the basis of the guidance of the driver, apply a strongly profiled car window. During the film application, they will learn all the techniques and practical tricks to help you in unusual situations.

We strive to convey the full knowledge we have gained over the years, including complete information on profiling, cutting, assembly (without upholstery and windshield) in both conventional and sedan models, edge finishing and film application on substrates. Atypical shapes.

We also discuss all the tools and materials used in car window winding so that after the course the participant can without fear and be sure to acquire the knowledge to self-application of the foil.

The training block lasts 6 hours and is conducted between 10am and 4pm

Training - Vehicle Sticking (color change)

Just as with window tinting and vehicle gluing, we pay special attention to the fact that the training provided is not only a dry lecture on application techniques and materials used, but also practical work where the learner will work directly and independently on the wrapping of the car part. .

Training takes place individually or in groups. Of course, we try to lead them to adapt the course of science and the division of theories with practice to the personal needs and predispositions (current knowledge and capabilities) of the participants.

As part of the lecture, our trainers will not only point out the most effective and most optimal techniques of transparencies and will teach you the tools you need in practice, but will use your knowledge to advise you and help in case of any confusion or questions beyond the scope of the training itself.

The training unit lasts 6 hours, includes theory and practice, runs from 10am to 4pm.