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Advertisement on the car (Sticking)

Universal wrapping

This is the most common and most effective form of advertising, giving you virtually unlimited possibilities to present your product or service. Larger foil coverage offers the ability to display large format advertising graphics, slogans or contact details, and is therefore easier to spot from a distance and reach more potential customers.

Plotter advertising

Although cut-to-size advertising is significantly less expensive than total vehicle wrapping, the message may have similar efficacy. Unfortunately, in terms of visual effects, this version of the ad loses its overall wrapping. For this type of advertising we only use polymer films with increased strength and manufacturer's warranty up to 7 years.

OWV window foil

OWV window foils can be used both as exclusive advertising and as a supplement to the entire vehicle wrapping. Their specialized structure causes them to offer an effect similar to the so-called. Venetian mirrors, where the graphic or advertising text from the outside, and the visibility of the windows from the center of the vehicle.

Mobile advertising for years to come

The characteristic feature of car advertising is its easy availability and high exposure due to its mobility and dynamics - almost every company has a business vehicle, smaller or larger. Such a car, in different parts of the city, always has a chance to "reach" potential customers. The low cost of this kind of solution, which only comes down to the maintenance and operation of the vehicle, and the absence of paying for independent advertising space, makes it one of the cheapest and most effective forms of outdoor advertising. An interesting and unique graphic design or catchy advertising slog also influences positively the brand's "remembrance".

We use a wide variety of materials (monomeric, polymeric, plas- tic, cast and OWV films) and manufacturing technology - we only work on top quality materials from reputable companies using state of the art technology and tools - constantly striving to train and improve our qualifications. The wide range of services we offer and individual vehicle specifications (shape and surface) do not allow a consistent and consistent pricing of a service. However, we encourage you to contact us by phone 725 197 621, 508 061 620 or send an email inquiry (preferably with an attachment in the form of a photo of the vehicle) to the address And our specialists will be happy to help you price the service and choose the right materials for your individual advertising project.

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising

Car advertising 91%
Large format advertising media 86%
Posters, posters, billboards, poles, 78%
Backlight scrolle 65%