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Dimming car glass

Comfort and security

High visible and infrared (IR) radiation causes the vehicle to heat up to such high temperatures that it is often difficult to get in the car alone, not to mention safe and comfortable travel.

The most common treatment used in this situation is to turn the air conditioning to the highest setting at the lowest temperature setting so that the car is cooled in the shortest possible time. However, this is not the best solution due to the increase in costs associated with increased combustion and the negative impact of air conditioning on the health of passengers.

The perfect solution to this problem is the use of exclusive Llumar car foils. Due to the high quality of the materials they are made and very good technical characteristics, these films eliminate 99% of the UV radiation harmful to human skin and upholstery. By reducing the total solar energy from 31% to 60% (depending on the type of film you choose), you can reduce the temperature inside the car and reduce fuel consumption.

Protection and elegance

Unlike other companies' films, Llumar car foils have been developed for the most demanding customers in state-of-the-art technologies and the best materials. This allows you to get good heat reduction performance even with very light transparencies compared to competing products. They are designed and manufactured in such a way that they do not interfere with the operation of cell phones, radios or global positioning systems (GPS).

Their amazing optical clarity and low reflectivity do not interfere with night driving. The final effect alone improves the look of the car by bringing it closer to that offered by factory-tinted glass. Due to its high film thickness and excellent anti-scratch, its service life is very high and the surface itself remains easy to clean for many years.

Are you wondering about window tinting? But all the cars you saw with the tinted windows did not look the best - the film was discolored, unclogged or even air bubbles visible on it? Remember! The poor appearance of darkened windows corresponds to the use of low quality film and / or installation errors. At wrap-car we only use the highest quality materials and use state-of-the-art technology to make our work the best showcase. Welcome!

Animation that shows the advantages of Llumar foils

The Lancia Delta rear window darkening process (heavily profiled)

Dimming the windshield

Outsite view

Select the color of the varnish

Inside view

Rear windows

100 %

Front windows

100 %