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About us

Our certificates

The origins of the Wrapster brand

The founders of the company - Mateusz Popow and Przemysław Momot, thanks to their ambition and hard work, have created the Wrapster brand.

Having been on the market since 2006, we have been constantly improving our qualifications, obtaining certificates (among others the certificate of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Krakow under number R43-0651-ICiMB), we train ourselves and run our own thematic trainings. All this in order to improve their skills and skills and keep up to date with the latest technological trends. In addition, we want to stay innovative on the local market and beyond.

From 2011 we have the pleasure to work under the Wrapster brand, with its headquarters and studio in Wroclaw. Here we are free to give up our passion - cars for us is not just work, but also something we love! Despite many years of experience, we still face new challenges and we do not hesitate to "step up to the competition" by taking heavy, often untypical requests that require creativity and detachment from typical patterns.

By the end of May 2015, the company was founded as a result of the company's development MPM Company Sp. z o. o. – mimo tego Wrapster pozostaje własną i niezależną marką.

Our business

We mainly focus on the coloring of car glass, vehicle color change, vehicle advertising, window sticking, window films For unusual and unusual orders.

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We use specialized equipment and modern technologies. We work on top quality materials from reputable companies such as Llumar, Arlon, 3M. We approach each order as individually as our customers and their needs - no matter the size and complexity or the amount of time we have to sacrifice.

Ultimately, however, the best advertising and the highest distinction for us is always customer satisfaction!