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Sun protection foils


Shop windows, production halls, offices and other objects with glass walls or roofs are not the only places exposed to excessive heating of rooms by the sunlight. The residents of blocks and cottages are also well aware of these irritating and recurring inconveniences, which not only raise the temperature in the rooms but also discolor and fade colored objects and materials.

Fortunately, all these problems are a thing of the past! Llumar branded sunglasses are top-quality products, specially designed to reduce the effects of increased solar radiation. Llumar films are available in a wide range of light transmittance and offer a reduction of up to 90% of total solar energy, which results in a room temperature reduction of up to 10-15 ° C. This effect naturally allows a significant reduction in air conditioning and heating costs and provides a 99.8% reduction in harmful UV radiation. Assembly is possible on all types of glass.

The cost of installing transparencies is one-off and does not generate any additional or hidden expenses over the years of use, and due to the improvement of the air-conditioning systems in many buildings, investments in sunshades usually take less than 2 years.

THE 80 BL foil

This special foil has been designed and prepared to offer the highest possible level of temperature reduction while maintaining the clarity and clarity of a room comparable to that offered by ordinary unopened windows.

Reflective foil RHE

The RHE series, thanks to the combination of materials from which they are made and the very high technical parameters, offer unmatched and uncompromising reduction of total solar energy up to 90%.

Nutral foil NHE

NHE products have been developed in a technology that offers a similar "natural" view through the glass. The color of light coming into the room is "warm". On the outside, the transparencies produce a lesser effect on the mirror.

N neutral inner foil

Due to its unique subtle and "warm" shade, N-film improves the direct visual effect of practically any glass surface - both small and large - while not causing room darkening..

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