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Anti-UV foil

Invisible protection

Designed and manufactured in state-of-the-art technology, Anti-UV films are designed to offer the maximum possible reduction of harmful UV rays. This radiation is particularly dangerous and destructive for precious products and materials and not resistant to solar discoloration - such as clothing, electronics or museum exhibits. The structure of these films makes the film applied virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye, either from the outside or from inside, without hindering the viewing of the protected exposure.

How easy it is to find Anty-UV films are mainly used on glazed surfaces, which are high value products and materials and in museums and galleries. The cost of film application is comparably lower than the potential cost of damaging or destroying precious objects or materials. Anti-UV films are so effective and popular that even the world's greatest museums, such as the Parisian Louvre, use them to protect delicate and often priceless exhibits.