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Questions & Answers

Tinted windows

After what time the foil is discolored?

Llumar films are guaranteed for 7 years (ATC) up to 12 years (LATI) for discoloration, but their life span is considerably longer.

What is the durability - warranty foil?

The foils have an anti-scratch coating which makes the foil resistant to abrasion and its warranty is 10 years

Can the front windows be dimmed?

By law, the transmission of the front side windows should be 70%, while the front windows should be 75%. Since the glass is already tinted at the factory level, it can not be dimmed even with bright foils.

Is the foil glued from the outside?

The foil from the outside is exclusively profiled to the glass shape but is mounted on the inside.

What is the reduction of total solar energy after applying a darkening foil?

The reduction of total solar energy after application of the Llumar ATR series is up to 70%

Can I do the service from hand?

For every service first must be arranged in advance by phone or e-mail.

How long does the service take?

Installation time depends on the type of vehicle and average 3-4 hours.

How much does it cost to dim the vehicle?

Price depends on the type of vehicle and usually ranges between 250 - 700zł.

Are the windshields drawn?

The application of foil takes place on the mounted panes and it is not necessary to dismantle them. Exceptions are some "triangles" of the back door (without the matrix).

Is the certificate issued?

The foils on which we work are examined by the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Cracow. We as a company have Certificate of Research No. 697 / ICiMB / 15 (entry in the institute register) and issue a certificate of foils installation.

Vehicle sticking

Why bind the car?

In addition to obvious aesthetic considerations, sticking a car with a foil is a lacquer safeguard. The film can be removed at any time and enjoy the intact lacquer. This is especially true when someone is planning to sell a car - the gluing significantly increases the value of the vehicle when it is sold. Another advantage - saving - if you need to repair body parts you do not have to cover the entire car as in the case of varnishing.

How do I prepare a car for sticking?

Any lacquer scratches, scratches and rust must be removed prior to application of the foil. After being emblazoned, almost every flaw is visible. Only on carbon foils or "snake skin" it is possible to mask minor imperfections.

How long does the car sticking process take?

The foils application process usually takes 3 to 5 working days. Of course, the importance of the size of the car, the degree of difficulty and the scope of work.

Will the paint not be damaged during the foil application?

We always put the foil in such a way that there is no trace in the event of a possible dismantling. This also applies to all types of cuts. With a great deal of experience and specialized tools, they allow the cars to be returned to their owners intact after the disassembly of the foil.

What is the warranty period for transparencies?

The warranty is 5 years from the time of car sticking, but usually the film lasts longer (about 8 years).

How to cherish a glued car??

The car is covered with foil we use the same as any other. The film damages the same as the paint, so we do not recommend automatic washers and aggressive chemicals.

How much is it?

Each car is valued individually. The price consists of many factors. Please direct the questions through the "Contact" tab.